Virtual | Cheese Tasting with The Farm at Doe Run Let's give DiBruno Brothers a break and try something fresh and local. Trust us, your cheese board will and your friends with thank us.

Join us as we sit (and taste) over Zoom with Chef Ryan and our friends from The Farm at Doe Run
$25 per person will be billed to your member account.

Members should plan to pick up their Tasting Box on Thursday, January 14th  between 12pm and 6:30pm. 

What are we Tasting? 

with house-made Ritz Crackers and whipped fennel pollen honey

Made with 100% cow's milk and aged for 7 days in their caves
Sold at 1-3 weeks old and will continue to ripen for 4-6 weeks
2nd place, Soft Ripened Cheese, 2020 PA Cheese Competition
1st place, American Cheese Society Awards 2011
2nd place, Soft Ripened Cheese, 2015 PA Cheese Competition

A fresh mold ripened pasteurized cow’s milk version is ready for the Fall and Winter months. Our Hummingbirds have a flavor range from a light, citrus fresh flavor at a younger age to a delectable dollop of sweet unctuous cream in weeks 6-8 of its aging.
Hummingbirds are a light, delicate rind cheese (delicate just like the beautiful Hummingbirds found in nature) and are a true embodiment of seasonal pasture-raised milk. In the Spring and Summer, months we make our Hummingbird wheels with sheep and cow’s milk blended together for the full flavors of the peak milk season at the farm

St Malachi Reserve, Aged 12 months
with sesame rum almonds 

2020 World Championship Cheese Contest Gold Best in Class, and Top 20 in the World for 2020

2019 World Cheese Awards Gold Award Winner
Alpine and aged Gouda inspired cheese with a favorable flavor profile made with our cow’s milk. The paste is smooth yet firm with flavors reminiscent of roasted nuts, dried fruits, bourbon, toffee, and buttered toast. Younger wheels have a smooth bitable texture with wonders of a Gruyère-nutty and buttery with caramel undertones.

Blow Horn
with Eclat dark chocolate orange bark

Aged for one month in two of our caves and will continue to age and mature for 3-4 months
2019 Bronze at the US Cheese Championship Contest
This is our one-of-a-kind take on Tarentaise, made with our cow's milk and a lovely salt content.
Lactic, aged, rustic, a nice mineral note, just simply amazing. A barrel of fun that is aged in two different caves on the farm.
Sliceableand show-stopping. Made in small batches of 36 rounds.

More About The Farm at Doe Run 
The Farm at Doe Run is based on the philosophy of simple sustainable farming. Their talented culinary garden team strives to produce the highest quality micro-greens and vegetables, while their American Cheese Society award winning dairy/creamery creates some of the most sought after creative cheeses in PA. They take great pride in our products to reflect the bounty of the seasons, while being true stewards of the land.

Cancelations made after 7:00 PM on Wednesday, January 13th will be charged the full price.

Zoom details will be shared closer to the event. 

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