Virtual PA City Strategy Meeting with No Labels Join us on Zoom for a virtual PA City Strategy meeting with No Labels.  

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More about No Labels

No Labels is a bipartisan nonprofit working to build the bipartisan governing coalition capable of solving America’s toughest problems. There is no other group in America doing what No Labels does. We have spent a decade strengthening the bipartisan network of elected officials, business leaders, and citizens that is now emerging as a powerful force for change in American politics. No Labels’ signature achievement is inspiring the creation of the House Problem Solvers Caucus. Today, the Caucus features 50 members evenly divided between the parties, and they are fast becoming one of the most influential blocs on Capitol Hill. And No Labels is now building an expanded bipartisan coalition in the Senate, with a group of eight Senate partners who are increasingly meeting and working not only with one another but also with their colleagues in the House Problem Solvers Caucus. In the near term, the policy choices confronting lawmakers will get much tougher and the political pressures from the extreme ends of each party will be much greater. More than ever, America needs reasonable and responsible leaders who can withstand these pressures and reach across the aisle to do what’s best for the country. Through collaboration and a dedication to common sense problem solving, we can ensure the needs of Americans are put before partisanship. No Labels represents the vast majority of Americans who are fed up with the dysfunction in our politics and will no longer tolerate a government that can’t or won’t work together to address the challenges facing America. We don’t care where the policy ideas come from, so long as they are good ones that make America stronger, more prosperous and more united.

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