FTLR Goes to the Shore | Bootcamp Join us as FTLR goes to the Shore!! Jordyn will be teaching a bootcamp style class on the gorgeous beaches of Margate!
More About Jordyn Hnasko
Head of Training & Development
Fitness has always been a huge part of Jordyn’s life. She became a certified personal trainer at age 18 and then furthered her knowledge by earning a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. Jordyn works with clients of all levels and backgrounds, but really enjoys working with those who are new to the gym. She loves educating her clients and is passionate about helping them implement, and connect to, a manageable, lifelong routine. Jordyn's mantra that she uses for herself and her clients is: "Nothing ever gets easier, you get stronger."

Specialities: Precision Nutrition Certified, TRX Training Certified, Body Recomposition, and Beginner to Advanced Strength Training.

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Waters provided by Fitler Club.