Breathwork for Times of Uncertainty with Aubrey Howard Breathwork for Times of Uncertainty with Aubrey Howard

Join us as Spirit Medicine and Fitler Club collaborate for our new workshop - Breathwork for Times of Uncertainty.

Breath provides an incredible opportunity to connect each person more deeply with themselves, each other and the collective vision of peace. This practice facilitates growth & transformation rooted in meaning and purpose.
Connecting music and breath, we will work on the physical, mental & energetic levels to integrate negative beliefs and transform them into feelings of self love, joy, and acceptance.

Through Transformational Breath we have a unique opportunity to step into conscious creation of our life while connecting with our wholeness.

NO EXPERIENCE is needed to participate.
Come with an open heart and open mind and experience the POWER OF BREATH!

Benefits of the breath…
aid positive self-development
boost immunity
process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma
develop life skills
develop or increase self-awareness
enrich creativity
improve personal and professional relationships
increase confidence, self-image, and self-esteem

Benefits those experiencing...
chronic pain
anger issues
trauma and posttraumatic stress
grief and loss
emotional effects of physical illness

More About Aubrey

Aubrey identifies as queer woman of color who believes in the natural healing power of the self through breath, movement, and connection to spirit. She feels that at the heart of practice is the art of acceptance, stillness and surrender. Her own challenges with anxiety and depression prompted her to look further at the mind and how its influence affects our state of being in the world; especially in communities of marginalized people. Her practice, Spirit Medicine provides alternative holistic wellness services such as Transformational breath, integration coaching & movement. Offering a complete system for natural self care. Her guiding intention is to love & support people on their journey towards self discovery.

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