Confidence, Presence & Influence on Video with Dr. Laura Sicola COVID-19 has turned many of us - whether we liked it or not - into Zoom regulars. Learn simple skills and strategies to ensure that video conferences are positive, purposeful, and empowering experiences for everyone! In today's "new reality," the success of your personal and professional brand is determined by how you show up on video. The key is having the comfort, strategy, and skill set to make video-based events an experience that is positive and productive and establishes your image and reputation as a leader. In this interactive webinar, Dr. Sicola shares essential strategies to project confidence and authority when running a video conference, webinar, or other virtual event.

You'll learn the secrets to:

-Mindset and getting over the fear/discomfort of "I don't like looking at myself on camera"

-Equipment - the importance of good camera angles, lighting, and proper mic use to help you look and sound great.

-Sounding natural rather than canned, especially if you have to do any asynchronous video recordings (e.g. news blasts to a larger audience than they'll watch at their convenience rather than live).

-It will be an interactive discussion with lots of time for Q&A so we can address whatever is your greatest concern and challenge about video conferences.

Whether your company is suddenly having regular virtual meetings due to "social distancing", you realize for your own business you need to start offering more online content, or you need to litigate cases, or close major deals from afar, by the end of this webinar, you'll leave feeling happy, confident and empowered, and ready for your next (or first!) video conference!

About Dr. Laura Sicola
Dr. Laura Sicola is a leadership communication and influence expert, speaker, author of Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice, and host of the podcast, Speaking to Influence: Communication Secrets of the C-Suite. Her mission is to help executives become confident, inspiring leaders whether on stage, on-camera or just on the phone in order to get the results they want and make a positive, lasting impact. As the founder of Vocal Impact Productions, she has trained and coached executives at Comcast, IBM, the US Department of Commerce, and Women  Against Abuse along with politicians and business owners and non-profit leaders from around the world.

Laura’s TEDx talk, “Want to Sound Like a Leader? Start by Saying Your Name Right,”  has over 6 million views, and she has been featured on Fox & Friends First, NBC10  @Issue, and PHL 17. She has also spoken to thousands at conferences such as the  Professional Business Women of California Conference and the PA Conference for  Women.

Laura received her Ph.D. in educational linguistics from the University of  Pennsylvania, where she also taught from 2001-2013

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